Gathering of Fates

A simple task

HammerfastGawlwik Coldspinner sent out a notice asking for any able-bodied people who were looking for work to contact him as soon as possible. Galwik’s asked the players to guard a caravan of Hydra’s blood on its way from Chandlebrooke towards Hammerfast. The players accepted and guarded the caravan for 8 uneventful miles. However, around noon when they stopped for a break they were ambushed from the forest by bandits. The bandits not only attacked them, but went specifically for the crates of hydra’s blood. The players managed to beat them back and continued their way into Hammerfast. Finally there, they received their compensation for the job and decided to stay at a local tavern. While there they were all poisoned by someone unknown and all began to feel incredibly tired. Two people to a room the party eventually went to sleep. Later that night however, each person woke up to a halfling going through their belongings, looking for something it seemed. The odd thing was, that the entire area was dead silent and no noise was produced. The players managed to slay the would-be assassins in their rooms and found that they had some odd symbol burned into their hands. The session ended with the party exploring Hammerfast.


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