The mortal races of this realm have become complacent, and why shouldn’t they be? Although small skirmishes are not uncommon, there have been no wars, or any major threat to the races for them to be concerned with in over five hundred years. Not since the last sighting of The Stars of Fate. Children born under those magnificent shooting stars are destined for greatness… and eternal struggle. But, the time of the stars are long, long past. After all, not a single person has seen those stars in over five hundred years.

I occasionally wonder though, how long can this peace last? Surely there will be some great threat, there always is after all. But who will save the realm then? My time in this existence is almost at an end. We must hope then, that the Stars of Fate will reappear and choose new heroes that can, no… must rise to the challenge. And my only wish is that I will be there, to record it.

-final journal entry of Damien Pendragon, found among his grand library

Gathering of Fates

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